If you’re anything like I was, then you’ve probably been struggling for years to get clear on your purpose, message, and focus.

It feels like every time you get close to figuring out the “right” path, you doubt yourself and end up back at square 1.

In my experience, there are 2 main reasons otherwise-smart people like you get stuck:

1. You’re out of practice being clear.
2. You believe something that contradicts what you want.

Yesterday I cut my finger re-arranging furniture (see picture). It’s a long, shallow cut – the kind that easily fills with dirt.

All day long, I had to keep cleaning specks of dirt out of it. Why am I telling you this? Because it’s a perfect parallel for living a bold life.

If I let my cut heal over with dirt inside it, then for the rest of my life, my finger would ache every time I touched it.

Because deeply embedded things hurt. Holding onto things that aren’t your true self hurts.

Just like the subconscious beliefs you’re carrying about why you can’t succeed hurt you.
Just like the pain you’re holding on to about how you were never loved as a child hurts you.
Just like doubting your dreams when your soul feels so capable hurts you.

Not being fully you hurts!

Instead you need to take the bold step and clean out your mental & emotional house now – before what you don’t want takes root and starts to affect your life.

I didn’t want to clean dirt out of my cut yesterday; it hurt!

But the temporary pain of cleaning it out was worth it to avoid a lifetime of pain from holding onto something that wasn’t right for me.

Just like I don’t want to go to rape trauma counseling, or have energy healings, or face my disempowering beliefs about worth, value, love, and money. It’s hard work. It hurts to see the ways I’ve sold myself short, undervalued my worth, and doubted my potential.

But I’d rather do the hard work to clean my slate now so that I can build the life I want on a solid foundation, then continue to let deeply embedded habits & beliefs negatively influence the outcomes of my life and business.

If you’ve been taking action & doing all the “right” things but you still feel stuck in your life or business, then chances are you’re holding onto beliefs that contradict your truth.

The only way forward is to find & uproot them, one disempowering belief at a time.

It takes courage and conviction that you and your dreams are worth it, but you are. You are worthy of being wholly, fully you – and of becoming everything you dream of and desire.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!