Sometimes it feels like everything what you want in life is sitting in the middle of a frozen lake. All you have to do is walk out and grab it.

It should be easy.

Everyone tells you the ice is thick enough to walk on – just trust it.

But you can barely tiptoe onto the edge.

Your heart’s racing, and you’re thinking better of it.

Instead of venturing forward, you stand securely on the shore convincing yourself that you never really wanted it anyway.

It’s too risky.

Plus, you’ve heard their lines before.

Trust me. Have faith. I’ll be there.

But they never are, are they?

Instead it seems like every time you get within a foot of success, the ice melts and you fall in, freezing and alone.

Why on earth would you put yourself through that again?

No prize can be worth it.

Except that some are.

Some goals are worth big risks. Fulfilling your dreams, finishing your song, writing that book, falling in love.

Some goals are worth big risks.

I know it’s easy to stand on the side and look out on what could be yours. It feels good just knowing it’s there – within easy reach if you really wanted it.

But, please, take steps.

You never have to trust the ice – just your ability to swim.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!