Many people think they have the right to let their dreams die. But just like you don’t own the ocean just because you sail its waters, your dreams do not entirely belong to you.

Your dreams are an expression of life that wants to be lived through you. Just like each blade of grass or tree grows to it’s fullest capability, life gives you hints about your potential for growth and expansion through the quiet dreams of your heart.

You are a steward for possibility.

Your responsibility to life – your debt for living – is to follow its calling to the best of your ability. To tune into the whispers of life moving through you and live them to their fullest.

You owe life your best.
You owe life an attempt to make it worth living.

So if you’re hesitating and waiting and wondering if you’re worthy of what you envision, stop. The answer is yes.

You are the only one capable of living what life imagines for you. You are the only one with your unique combination of skills, experiences, connections, and perspective to make it happen.

So do it.

Take responsibility of your dreams as if it were a matter of life or death. Because for life, it is.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!