If life is as simple as how you spend your time each day, then how you spend your time is pretty important!

As someone who’s struggled with addiction, I understand how hard it can be to follow through on your good intentions and not get dragged down by your own less-than-ideal tendencies.

One brownie or a beer doesn’t seem like a big deal. Watching a bit of TV while you’re eating isn’t all that bad. Taking a pill to sleep so you get 8 hours is a good thing, right?

Heck – even seeing your horrible ex doesn’t seem that bad… after all, it’s only coffee!

To be honest, nothing is that big of a deal if you’re firm in your focus on yourself.

But when one time turns into a bit more, soon enough you can get hooked in a habit that feels good – maybe even fun, but doesn’t align with who you want to be.

You’ve created comfort and healing in an unhealthy way.

Humans are habitual creatures. We LOVE doing the same thing every day to give ourselves some semblance of order and control.

But when you rely on habits that don’t serve you, you actually deepen the rift you’re trying to fuse.

You end up creating a subconscious disconnect: In your life, you’re solving an immediate problem and soothing yourself. But in your mind, you’re undermining your deeper intentions and self-trust.

You’re doing things in direct conflict with what you actually want for yourself, so – on a deep level – you trust yourself less.

As your confidence and trust diminishes, you turn to unhealthy habits even more to numb out the discomfort.

Welcome to the cycle of bad habits and addiction.

You may be thinking – sure, Alexis, but I don’t smoke or have a drug problem.

But this applies to EVERYTHING that doesn’t serve you and your vision for yourself:

  • Listening to crap radio instead of inspiring podcasts on the way to work.
  • Continuing to hang out with negative, draining friends, even though you dread it.
  • Ordering a beer out with colleagues after work even though you’d rather just have water or go for a run.

These seem like small things, but your life, outlook, and confidence are products of the small things you choose to do.

I’m not saying don’t have any “vices”. I’m not even arguing you should quit drinking, break up with your friends, throw out your TV, or quit your job.

I’m inviting you to take a good look at your life and CHOOSE habits that serve you.

Because you have unbounded potential. You have radiant life flowing through you.

Stop dimming it with stupid human stuff!

It may be a good way to fit in or an easy thing to do because that’s what you were taught or that’s how it’s always been.

But you have the power to choose who you are. You have the power to break the mold and be different. You have the power to say “I choose me instead” instead of following along with the crowd.

So do it. Choose you.

Choose to fill your life and time with people, habits, and things that fill you with joy, energy, and strength.

As you do, you’ll naturally crowd out anything that doesn’t serve or uplift you and create a life aligned with who you know you are.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!