Have you ever noticed how liberating it feels to watch people go all-in? It’s why music concerts, dance performances, and really good movies are so captivating and energizing.

We LOVE to see people step through their fear, embrace themselves, and showcase their talent.

But how often do you do it?

Yesterday a beautiful woman I know passed on a rejuvenating yoga move because she was self-conscious about her body. I shied away from trying to pronounce someone’s name because I was afraid I’d get it wrong and be embarrassed.

Perhaps you’ve done it too:

– Said no to karaoke
– Covered up in a baggy shirt instead of wearing a bathingsuit
– Held back from trying that fun thing like riding a scooter, bike, or dancing

Every day, we stop ourselves from showing up fully by layering shame, doubt, and insecurity on top of our normal instincts.

I believe 100% that 99.9% of us are naturally confident. We feel okay about who we are and what we can do.

But then as a form of skewed social nicety, we adopt false insecurity and use it as a blanket of supposed politeness. As if being less makes others feel like more.

Think back to the last time you watched your partner, child, or friend decline a compliment, opportunity, or adventure because they felt insecure about their body, skill, or abilities.

Did it make you feel better about yourself when they said no?

For most of us, the answer is no. In fact, most of us feel more free, excited, and liberated when there’s a possibility they will say yes. Because possibility is where we excel. Possibility is where we thrive.

We LOVE to see other people go beyond the same-old, same-old expectation and surprise us with confidence and poise.

Because when people go all-in and embrace themselves 100% without shame or censure, you discover hope and inspiration in you too.

Because you’re not incapable. You’re just not giving yourself permission to try.


Shoulda woulda coulda stories are dull. They’re your stories of fear, stagnation, and distrust so deep, that you didn’t believe you would soar.

No one is inspired by hesitation, especially not you.

Take a minute today to reflect on how insecurity is showing up in your life and blocking you from experiencing the intimacy, joy, and contentment you crave.

Are you shunning your partner’s romantic overtures because you feel fat?
Avoiding starting your big dream project because it might be too hard?
Putting off a conversation with your boss because you’re embarrassed to ask for a raise?

Ask yourself – is this really you, or a cloak of insecurity you’re wearing as a safety blanket?

Because the best parts of life don’t feel safe. They feel like risks which free you to be bigger, bolder, and more powerful than you ever knew.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!


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