It’s the final hours of my month-long trip and I’m sitting in the LA airport high on life and way too much coffee. Both sad to be leaving and looking forward to the quiet calm of home.

Each leg of my journey has opened me to a new understanding – a new remembering of who I am and what I want.

  • I’ve swung from incredibly focused to so frustrated I want to quit – passing through every state in between.
  • I’ve been inspired by amazing artists and watched dear friends marry, in awe of the ease of their love and affection.
  • I’ve lost a credit card and favorite sunglasses, but been gifted acceptance, joy, and eye contact.

It feels good to be whole.

Because when you spend most of your time alone, the opportunity to see yourself reflected in the beauty, talent, and sheer awesomeness of your friends is a re-calibration of sorts.

It’s a coming home and an opening-beyond. Both a reminder and a push.

Luckily my trip ended exactly as it should – with an affirmation of hope, a renewal of commitment, and a clarity of purpose.

Because not everyone is meant to be like everyone else. But we’re all meant to excel.

Perhaps you forget that in your day-to-day life.

You forget you’re being given more than you can ever imagine in every moment. Maybe you’re letting it in as a trickle. Maybe you’re letting it flow in a flood. Maybe you’re blocking it entirely.

But it’s all there for you – whatever you want. Even more than you want. If you allow it.

So believe you’re enough. Trust that you’ll be protected. Know that it’ll all work out.

Then submit to your calling and get on with it. Because I can’t live it for you, just like you can’t live mine.

It may be scary or hard or even annoying. Just ask my friends – I’ve rolled my eyes at my spiritual inclinations a hundred times. But that’s my path, so I’ll dig deeper, shine brighter, and do what I can to live it.

Because every where I went this trip, I met people who’d been affected by my words. Who’d found the strength to end relationships, the courage to pursue dreams, or the hope that they’re not alone.

People who silently read the inner musings of my mind then move on with their lives a little bit happier.

I could not ask for more.

I don’t need people to comment. I don’t need people to email. In fact, I never even need to know the impact I’ve had on others. I just have to keep going – to keep giving more.

Because you have to play your part as big and as well as you can. You never know who’s life is waiting to be changed by you.

Be free. Be brave. Be YOU!